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Introduction to Orchestly
_Giới thiệu về Orchestly
- What is business orchestration?
 Part 1.
- Why is it the need of the hour?
 Part 1. 
- How can Orchestly help with it?
  Part 1.
- So is Orchestly a BPM?
 Part 1. 
Areas of Application
_Lĩnh vực của ứng dụng
- Sneak peek into the customer base
Part 1
Demo - Problem Statement
 Part 1.
A brief description of the problem statement which is an order management process. In the following session, we will take a look at how three different organizations run their order management process according to their size and needs. 
Small-sized businesses
_Doanh nghiệp nhỏ
 Từ 00:19:08 part 1 đến 00:06:32 part 2
First, we'll see how a company or department with less than 20 users can use Orchestly to manage their orders. It's a simple process that ensures requestors are updated about their order status and that the request processors have all the info they need to fulfil the order requests. 
Medium-sized businesses
_Doanh nghiệp vừa
Từ 1:14:04 part 1 đến 00:14:16 part 2
Next, we'll see how we can implement this same order processing for an organization with say, 200 users. With scale, we'll need to address approvals, conditional processing, and SLAs to ensure that the requests are fulfilled on time. We'll also see how the work can be assigned to teams dynamically, automate those states that don't require human intervention, create personalized and advanced reports, and enable role-based accessibility.  
_Doanh nghiệp lớn
Part 1. 
Finally, we'll implement the order management system for a large organization (1000+ users). We'll see how we can address the implicit rules that a company of this size forms as it grows. For example, an expense code or a project code might be required for order requests, multiple vendors might supply to the firm, information from vendor's inventories might need to be pulled or pushed into other systems using custom functions, webhooks and widgets. 
Advanced developer tutorial 
- What is an Extension?Từ 1:17:50 part 1 đến 00:4:58 part 2
- Available placeholders in orchestly to build extension
Part 1. 
-When and where to use extensions
 Part 3. 
Orchestly extensions using Sigma 
-How to build a sample extension using Sigma?
 Part 3. 
-Introduction to Orchestly SDK
 Part 3.
-Zoho Connectors and its usage in building extension
 Part 3.
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