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Introduction to Zoho Mail 
a. Overview of the mailbox
 Part 1.
b. Applications in Zoho Mail
  Part 1.
c. Collaboration using Streams
  Part 1.
d. Customizing mailbox settings
  Part 1.
Accessing external accounts in Zoho Mail 
a. Configure your external account as IMAP
 Part 1.
b. Configure your external account as POP
  Part 1.
Hosting your domain with Zoho Mail  
a. Purchasing a domain 
b. Verifying a domain 
c. User and group provisioning 
d. Configuring email delivery 
e. Migrating data 
Domain and organization management 
a. Domain aliasing 
b. Subdomain stripping 
c. Domain disclaimers 
d. Customizing login URL, logo and organization name 
e. Basic organization settings 
f. Catch all configuration 
g. Integration and extension settings 
User and group management 
a. User roles and privileges 
b. User-specific settings 
c. Email aliases 
d. Group member moderation 
e. Group email moderation 
f. Advanced group settings 
Spam control policies 
a. SPF and DKIM configuration 
b. SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and DNSBL settings 
c. Email Quarantine settings 
d. Spam whitelist and blacklist 
e. Spoof control mechanisms 
f. Internationalized spam and zero-hour auto-purge 
g. Spam processing settings 
Email compliance policies 
a. Email policy types 
b. Setting up an email policy 
c. Applying email policy to users 
d. Retention settings 
e. Conducting an investigation 
f. Email backup and recovery 
Reports and troubleshooting 
a. Audit logs and mail logs 
b. Blocking and unblocking accounts 
c. Resending failed emails 
d. Suspicious login activity 
e. Recovering emails 
f. Email traffic and sender, receiver reports 
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